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Dear Educator:

eFoodhandlers wants to take an active role teaching students to prepare and serve food in a safe manner. We are offering teachers and schools a FREE service for your students to gain the necessary knowledge and skills required to earn a food handler certificate. This service is provided through an easy, quick, but effective online course you can tailor to fit your needs. It can be broken down into individual daily lessons. Optionally, students may complete the course at their own pace. There are several methods employed for learning and reinforcement including reading, listening, and video explanation and demonstration.

This online course would be suitable for classes in:
  • Family and Consumer Studies (FACS)
  • Culinary Arts
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Child Development
  • Business and Marketing
  • Health
  • Career Education
  • Cooperative Work Experience
  • Special Services
  • …as well as students who might work in a school cafeteria, school store, or school-based enterprise such as a coffee cart or cafe. Note: Official permits may be required for these jobs.

In addition to the online course, a number of supplementary exercises and activities are included in the Powerpoint presentation available online. These might be useful for extended learning opportunities for all students or for those who require an additional challenge.

eFoodhandlers provides you an easy-to-use set of tools to access and manage student progress/transcripts online.

Our goal is to help equip you and your students with the information and skills necessary to work, learn, and perform safely in the classroom. In addition, this training can assist your students in securing jobs in the food service industry in entry-level positions and beyond.

If you have questions or wish to acquire an educator’s login, contact the Education Services Coordinator at SchoolServices@eFoodhandlers.com.